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LUXURY CAR by Deepak Bansal

We all like Luxury car. A Luxury car is a luxurious and very elite looking cars. Luxury car is very expensive. Luxury car special taxes which really make them hard to afford. Luxury cars cannot be afforded by every body. However today it seems everybody is a millionare is having a Luxury car. A Luxury car looks as well as works much better than other cars. From the angle of comfort, appearance, amenities and performance Luxury car are really the best. Buying a luxury car is fun. If you're spending a lot of money on buying Luxury car then you should you should know what exactly you want. The Luxury car is offered by many companies. When we think of Luxury car we genreally think about cars like Lemozene, Ford cars and many more. Luxury car not only makes you feel good but also makes you look good. Owning a Luxury car is a dream of every person but very few of us are able to make the dream come true. However there are many car agencies which offer you with Luxury car at times of occsions like marriages and other celebrations. If you are planning to buy a Luxury car then you should always go for a test-drive. Each luxury car comes with different engine, suspension options etc. So it is always best to go for test-driving the luxury cars before you go ahead and buy it.

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Innovative Gadget Prevent Kids From Releasing Car Safety Belt by Anthony Fontanelle

Approaching the National Child Passenger Safety Week, one new device dubbed as the Angelguard was introduced in an effort to keep young children strapped safely to their car seats. The device is aimed to prevent young children from accidentally releasing the safety belt buckle to reduce the risk of major injury or even death of kids during collisions.
You may strap your little one in a child seatbelt such an act will be rendered useless when these little tots could accidentally release them from their safety locks. Kids not safely strapped on their car seats can be easily thrown around the rear of the car or even into the front seats of a car during violent crashes. This may lead to severe injury to a child or even death.
To address the problem of seat belt buckle being released accidentally by kids, Patricia Mandarino spent a year in developing a gadget that will prevent kids from doing so. Her effort to create such a device that will keep kids secure in their seat is due to her observations when her three-year old daughter finds it easy to unfasten her safety belt. She also discovered that almost every parent faces the same problem.
Mandarino looked for devices in stores that will address the problem but her search was in vain. The realization was that there are no available products in the market that will prevent small children from unfastening their safety belts, made her devote time to design a way to prevent such occurrences.
The result of her labor is a simple product that slips into place over the safety belt release button thus making it hard for children to unfasten their seatbelts even if they do so intentionally. The product is constructed out of a strong type of plastic and can be easily used by adults. The simplicity of the device belies the great help it provides to parents in keeping their precious cargoes safely secured on their seats.
The introduction of such a gadget will further improve car safety for children onboard and inside a car. This also gives parents that certain peace of mind knowing that their kids cannot accidentally or intentionally unfasten their safety belts.
The arrival of a gadget such as the Angelguard will surely be welcomed by parents. Especially with the fact recently discovered by a study that shows one-third of its respondents said that their child (or children) has unfastened their seatbelts. As a matter of fact, many of the respondents in the said study stated that their children managed to unfasten their safety belts not just once but they actually do so frequently. Add to that the fact that traffic crashes are the foremost cause of child death from ages three upward. This figure comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Arrival of the said safety device comes on the heels of other breakthroughs in child car safety like the ones employed on the Volvo V70.
In a time where awareness for child safety is emphasized, such a product as the Angelguard will indeed be welcomed. When great brake components like the EBC Greenstuff brake parts are not enough to protect a vehicle from crashes, additional safety devices are needed to improve the safety of a car's occupants. The call for increase safety features is already being answered not only by large companies but also by individuals and this can only be good for the cause of protecting motorists. If more innovation like this comes out in the near future, it will be a good step forward for car safety. Consumers can expect cars being safer and safer for their children thanks to individuals such as Mandarino and companies like Volvo that continually pushes the envelope in car safety issues.

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Anthony Fontanelle is a 35-year-old automotive.buff who grew up in the Windy City. He does freelance work for an automotive magazine when he is not busy customizing cars in his shop.

The Economics Of Truck Wrapping by Raheem

Truck wrap advertising is changing the way outdoor advertisers reach out to their target consumers. Because trucks are able to move from place to place and offer a wider working space for marketers to place their information, more companies are going for it, as opposed to simply placing their vinyl graphic ads on smaller cars.
In the past, car wrapping was all the craze. But since the realization that larger vehicles like trucks, trains, and buses cover a bigger clientele, primarily because they are able to drive around much bigger and more visible advertisements, wrapping vinyl ad graphics around such media has become the trend.
What Benefits Do We Get From Truck Wrapping?
The basic philosophy behind effective outdoor advertising is this: the more the people who see it, the better it is for sales. Think of it this way: If you are just standing at the pavement waiting for the bus, what would catch your attention more -- the truck fully dressed up with colorful vinyl graphic ads, or the poster on the window of the shop across the street? Notice how the impact of the truck graphic easily trumps that of the poster?
Truck wrapping multiplies the effects of simple car wrapping to significant levels. In fact, a study by Product Acceptance Research Inc showed that when compared to static or non-moving advertisements, motion displays or mobile ads have the ability to boost revenue by 100%. And if your message is as large as a truck, it could boom to unthinkable peaks!
Win-Win Deal
The best thing about truck wrapping is that it does not just benefit the advertiser. If you own a truck, you can profit by offering your vehicle as a mobile medium. And because vehicle wrapping industry prices are quoted based on the size of the surface to be worked on, you can expect to earn big. The marketer profits, you profit; nobody loses! Such is the beauty of the truck wrapping industry. And because it is a growing trend, it can only get better.

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The Car: Rock and Roll Inspiration by Rick Cadger

It could be said that there are two elements that place a person firmly in time: the music that provides the soundtrack to their life, and the cars they have driven.
Perhaps then, it should not surprise us to find that the car has provided the inspiration for a very significant proportion of 20th and 21st Century popular music lyrics.
The automobile and rock and roll go so cosily hand-in-hand that a kind of sub-market has evolved for "driving" CDs. While it isn't really clear what qualifies a song for inclusion in one of these compilation projects (under which the shelves of motorway service stations positively groan) as the lyrical subject matter does vary widely, it remains clear that a huge number of songs have been written in which the car plays a major role.
No popular music genre has a monopoly, and none is safe from the influence of cars, trucks, driving...
Here are a few examples of the way that the internal combustion engine has coloured the musical reflection of popular culture over the years.
¨ Chuck Berry - 'No Particular Place to Go'
¨ The Beatles - 'Drive My Car'
¨ The Beach Boys - 'Fun Fun Fun'
¨ The Beach Boys - 'Little Deuce Coupe'
¨ Rose Royce - 'Car Wash'
¨ Johnny Cash - 'One Piece At A Time'
¨ Roy Orbison - 'I Drove All Night'
¨ Gary Numan - 'Cars'
¨ Bruce Springsteen - 'Pink Cadillac'
¨ Queen - 'I'm In Love With My Car'
¨ Meatloaf - 'Paradise By The Dashboard Light'
¨ Prince - 'Little Red Corvette'
¨ Snow Patrol - 'Chasing Cars'
¨ Rolling Stones - 'Route 66'
¨ Tom Robinson - '2-4-6-8 Motorway'
¨ The Cars - 'Drive'
¨ Madness - 'Driving In My Car'
¨ Jimi Hendrix - 'Crosstown Traffic'
¨ Kraftwerk - 'Autobahn'
¨ Iggy Pop - 'The Passenger'
¨ Ministry - 'Jesus Built My Hotrod'
¨ Jonathan Richman - 'Roadrunner'
¨ Golden Earring - 'Radar Love'
¨ Deep Purple - 'Highway Star'
¨ Manic Street Preachers - 'Motorcycle Emptiness'
There are many, many more, and each reader will probably find one or two amongst his or her own list of favourites that we have missed.
In the songs of The Beach Boys and their contemporaries, the car is a vital part of teenage life. It is a means of transport, a status symbol, an environment for conducting courtship rituals... Whether the vehicle driven is owned or borrowed from parents, these songs reflect a time when driving was just becoming a part of the domain of youth, giving them a kind of freedom formerly enjoyed only by the older generation.
In other cases, songs about the car seem almost designed to be played as an accompaniment to car journeys. The driving force of the bass and drum rhythm section chugs along in time to the beat of a revving engine. Golden Earring's classic 'Radar Love' is the obvious example. Meanwhile, few self-respecting motorcyclists would listen to Steppenwolf's 'Born to be Wild' without feeling the urge to don leather and tear up the street.
Kraftwerk, in their electronic epic 'Autobahn' (over 20 minutes in length) endeavoured to paint a sonic picture of the automobile and its natural environment, the German autobahn highways. A little later, in America, Meatloaf's car provided an unusual ambience in 'Paradise by the Dashboard Light'. An amusing blend of romance and youthful, hormonal desperation. However, your correspondent's own personal favourite motor vehicle reference occurs in the incomparably crafted poetry of The Ramones. From the tragic-romance of '7-11' comes the heart-rending: "Oncoming car ran out of control". It crushed my baby and it crushed my soul".
What more is there to say?

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Rick Cadger writes for The World of Personalised Number Plates.
A free copy of the magazine is available on request from the website.

Cheaper alternative steel toe protection for auto shops. by Patrick Smyth aka 'Mister SafetyToes'

Modern materials and smart manufacturing techniques have at last been applied to steel toe overshoes, also known as "safety toes". Awareness is growing for these innovative articles of personal protective equipment and more uses are being found for them.
Rubber overshoes have their origins in the 19th century. Considered only as shoe protectors then, galoshes were items of dress. Thankfully however, in the 1900s Charles Goodyear first applied modern technology to the venerable galosh. It was Goodyear who invented vulcanized rubber and used it to make a significant improvement to lowly "gumshoes" and "dickersons". With his invention galoshes became waterproof and the rubber component offered some important safety features. Rubber, with its inherent tactile qualities, has long been considered the preferred material for safety products where slip resistance and grip are important.
Recently, a Canadian company has taken the rubber galosh to the next level with a "patent pending" design that not only gives industry standard toe protection, it offers some additional safety features.
It should come as no surprise that these safety toes are of interest to auto repair shops. The link with Goodyear is very telling since car tires and at least two brands of slip on toe protectors are made from the same vulcanized rubber. The unique material not only provides excellent grip, it is acid and oil resistant. For the same reasons as it would be hard to imagine a car tire not made of vulcanized rubber, it is easy to understand why so much trust is placed in it.
Some of the other features that make rubber steel toe galoshes worth considering for auto shops include;
Now costing much less than a safety boot, and certainly a lot less ugly than older models, they have become very affordable.
The rubber material will stretch to tightly cover more than one size of outer shoe.
Safety toes can be passed from user to user - perfect for visitors and customers.
The steel toe caps protect up to the minimum required for occasional toe protection.
Rear pull-on tabs and lie-flat design make them easy to slip on and pull off.
Unlike thinner materials vulcanized rubber can withstand rough treatment.
For auto shops where the work environment carries a risk of accidental toe damage for employees or visiting customers, safety toes are convenient, reusable and effective. For many people today, comfortable shoes are highly desirable and safety toe overshoes can turn most sizes and shapes, heels or no heels, into pieces of personal protective equipment.
In these safety conscious days, safety toes have not only re-invented themselves they have become, for business owners and safety officers, valuable tools in the fight to keep accidents at bay. And for those who spend long periods standing, either at work or in the home, foot safety and comfort are of supreme importance. Poorly fitting shoes is a leading cause of accidents and considered likely precursors to a slip.
So, spread the word. Where the "rubber meets the road", slips and falls are dangerous. Safety toe overshoes are good for you.
Protect your piggies!

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Patrick Smyth, aka 'Mister Safetytoes', is on a mission to take his unique 'Slipp-R' safety toes into homes around the world. You can see more at and his blog at where comparisons are available.

3 Considerations When Looking For Used Car Auto Loans by Evert DuToit

If you have made the decision to purchase a used car, no doubt it is a decision that will save you a great deal of money. Once you decide on a used car that you want, you may then want to start looking at the used car auto loans that are available to you. If you want to get a good loan for your used car, you will need to consider your financing carefully and weight all of your options. Many times, excited buyers get so excited about purchasing their car that they forget to look over the used car auto loans carefully. The following are considerations to keep in mind you are going to purchase a used car with used car auto loans.
Get Financing First Whenever you are going to purchase a used car, you want to make sure that you qualify for used car auto loans before you go through the final details of purchasing a car. It is important that you make sure that you are approved for the financing you need before you show up at a dealership ready to buy. If you do not have the money up front when you go to a dealership, you may not be able to get a great deal. But if you have the money with you, many times you can get a better deal on your used car.
Check the Financing Contract Before you decide to sign on any used car auto loans, you should be sure that you have read the entire contract, including all of the fine print. Many times, there are qualifications that you are not aware of or penalties for paying the loan off early. Often, these lenders may include terms that allow them to raise the interest rate if you miss even one payment. If you take the time to read the used car auto loans contract before you sign it, you will not have any unwelcome surprises coming your way in the future.
Beware of Feeling Uncomfortable When you are dealing with used car auto loans, you should listen to any bad feelings that you may get. If you feel uncomfortable with the terms or the interest rate, you should probably forget that loan and go on looking for used car auto loans that you can feel comfortable with.
If you keep these considerations in mind when getting used car auto loans to purchase a used vehicle, you will be able to purchase your car with peace of mind. Just taking time to get your financing in the beginning and checking out the terms can save you many problems in the long run. Remember that you can never be too careful when you are dealing with used car auto loans.

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Evert Du Toit is a writer and website publisher from Pittsburgh, PA. You can learn more about auto loans and finding a California auto loan at

Extang Tonneau Cover by Ken Bishop

Extang are a leader in their field of manufacturing soft tonneau covers. They seem to be the manufacturer of the most different model soft covers on the market today. In my opinion they are still in business because they provide quality products at a reasonable price.
Extang produce everything you could want from roll up covers such as the low profile of their RT to snap up, velcro sealing system to folding lids as well as a hinged tonneau cover.
To briefly describe some of the products they have to offer I will start with their lowest price truck bed cover to their most expensive.
The Black Max is one lower price covers on the market today. It comes with a aluminum powder coated black frame and a snap up tarp which is adjustable for all seasons.
The Tuff tonneau III is the next in line price wise. This truck bed cover is a snapless lid that seals together using Extang's J45 peel and seal system. They use a rotating tail rail that tightens up the tarp. This tarp also uses the spring loaded monster bows.
Next comes the Classic Platinum. This has an all aluminum frame which installs with clamps that are included. Extang boasts this cover to be made of an all-climate nylon and polymer tarp with stainless steel and brass snaps.
The Saber is next on the list which uses a peel-on design which attaches evenly to the entire frame to ensure the lowest possible fabric stress even during high speeds.
The tool box tonneau cover is a snap up lid with a leather grain black vinyl tarp. This tool box tonneau accepts a tool box between 18 and 21 inches deep. This is a no drill installation with and all aluminum frame and adjustable snaps to keep your tarp snug in different climates.
The RT and the RT Tool box models come at the same price. The RT low profile sits nearly flush to your truck bed. This cover rolls up quickly along with the bows to give you quick access to your truck bed. The RT has adjustable controls by the cab. It has a Velcro sealing system and secures your cargo with a locking rail. The tool box edition accepts a 20 inch tool box.
The next product they have to offer is a hinged tonneau called the Fulltilt. This one comes in both snap and snapless editions. The snapless is a few dollars more. This cover has hinges back by the cab and lifts up from behind on gas shocks. You can lift it up or roll it up or remove it without tools easily. This tonneau cover also comes in a tool box edition.
Another one Extang can be quite proud of is their Trifecta which is a folding tonneau cover. This truck bed cover folds up in sections from the back towards the cab giving you complete and easy access to your truck bed. This cover comes fully assembled and ready to mount on your truck.
The express model was designed to be just what the name implies, fast. Customers asked Extang in their reviews for fast and they gave them what they wanted. It rolls up or closed with integrated bows very quickly. The frame is a strong black anodized aluminum. The strong vinyl tarp seals with industrial strength Velcro.
If you are looking for a soft tonneau cover whether it is a roll-up, snap or snapless, hinged, folding or a tool box edition, Extang has you covered.

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