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The Economics Of Truck Wrapping by Raheem

Truck wrap advertising is changing the way outdoor advertisers reach out to their target consumers. Because trucks are able to move from place to place and offer a wider working space for marketers to place their information, more companies are going for it, as opposed to simply placing their vinyl graphic ads on smaller cars.
In the past, car wrapping was all the craze. But since the realization that larger vehicles like trucks, trains, and buses cover a bigger clientele, primarily because they are able to drive around much bigger and more visible advertisements, wrapping vinyl ad graphics around such media has become the trend.
What Benefits Do We Get From Truck Wrapping?
The basic philosophy behind effective outdoor advertising is this: the more the people who see it, the better it is for sales. Think of it this way: If you are just standing at the pavement waiting for the bus, what would catch your attention more -- the truck fully dressed up with colorful vinyl graphic ads, or the poster on the window of the shop across the street? Notice how the impact of the truck graphic easily trumps that of the poster?
Truck wrapping multiplies the effects of simple car wrapping to significant levels. In fact, a study by Product Acceptance Research Inc showed that when compared to static or non-moving advertisements, motion displays or mobile ads have the ability to boost revenue by 100%. And if your message is as large as a truck, it could boom to unthinkable peaks!
Win-Win Deal
The best thing about truck wrapping is that it does not just benefit the advertiser. If you own a truck, you can profit by offering your vehicle as a mobile medium. And because vehicle wrapping industry prices are quoted based on the size of the surface to be worked on, you can expect to earn big. The marketer profits, you profit; nobody loses! Such is the beauty of the truck wrapping industry. And because it is a growing trend, it can only get better.

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At November 28, 2014 at 6:26 AM , Blogger Reena Luise said...

Yes we all know that, The growing interest in vehicle wrap advertising and the positive mass response to car graphics has allowed the vehicle wrap like (truck wraps) industry to mature. What started with decals and stickers on cars and motorcycles has evolved to larger mobile media, like trucks and buses.


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