Saturday, February 10, 2007

Reds Beds Tonneau Cover by Ken Bishop

Well I thought I seen it all in tonneau covers but now you can get a tonneau cover made from aluminum diamond tread plate. One thing you can be certain of, it won't tear on you. These covers look pretty tough. They are made in polished aluminum, black or white painted finishes.
They are constructed with panels that fold up and lock in any open position. There is no need for a tailgate lock as when the panels are completely folded in the closed position, the last panel is made to come down over the tailgate. Once you lock the tonneau cover the tailgate cannot be opened. The hinges are made of aluminum and the hardware from stainless steel, keeping the tonneau cover rust proof.
For those of you who are looking for a tool box tonneau, Reds Beds have you covered. They seem to offer a tool box tonneau edition which accommodates a truck tool box. In addition to having a tonneau cover made from aluminum diamond tread plate this tonneau would look even tougher and give you a place to store tools and such.
Don't have an aluminum truck tool box don't fret here either as Reds Beds go all the way to offer you a tool box edition with a tool box combined. I guess this way you are assured the tool box will work with the tonneau cover.
You do have to wait a while longer for powder coat finishes but if that's the look your going for I am quite sure you will be very happy with the finished product and the great new look you will add to your pickup truck. Whether you want the polished aluminum or the powder coat black or white, either way you go your going to have a great new look and an added look of toughness as well security for your cargo with the aluminum diamond tread plate tonneau cover by Reds Beds.

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