Saturday, February 10, 2007

Volkswagen to launch Wolfsburg's New Special Edition Vehicles by Natalie Anderson

Volkswagen has always been successful with special edition vehicles in the past. Take for instance the Wolfsburg limited edition Cabriolets and Trek mountain bike Jettas that have both been strong products of Volkswagen. Right now, the automaker is looking into the possibility of further boosting some of that limited edition glory with four new offerings.
The Wolfsburg Limited Edition Jetta is basically a 2.5 L Jetta with an assortment of popular options like 16-inch alloy wheels, a sunroof and a cold-weather package and priced at almost $2,000 lower than a similarly equipped Jetta. And in keeping with the tradition of the automaker in creating quality vehicles, the Jetta is equipped with only the best Volkswagen Jetta parts.
The prices for the Wolfsburg limited edition are $19,360 for the manual and $20,435 for the automatic. The limited edition part is also offered in a one-of-a-kind badging and five color choices.
Europe's largest automaker will also introduce limited nameplate, Fahrenheit -- which will be used for both the GTI hatchback and the GLI sedan. Only 1,200 of each are going to be created and they will come in unique, one-off colors. Fahrenheit orange for the GTI and Fahrenheit yellow for the GLI---both will feature 18 inch wheels, heated leather seats and a sunroof. The pricing for the DSG transmission GTI is $27,665 while the GTI is priced at $27,880 for the manual and $28,955 for the automatic.
Completing the foursome is a Triple White New Beetle. Why Triple White? Because of its white paint job, white convertible roof and white interior. According to Volkswagen only 3,000 of these white Beetles are to be produced. They will come with 17 inch alloy wheels and leatherette seats. Plus, it's going to be offered only with an automatic transmission and priced at $25,990.
Volkswagen's Weird Offerings In marketing, business various promotional schemes are employed using concepts that will effectively represent the products. But not Volkswagen, in one of its most bizarre marketing stratagems ever, it has announced recently that any customer that purchases or leases a 2007 Jetta, Jetta GLI, GTI, Rabbit, New Beetle and New Beetle Convertible will receive a custom guitar that can play through the car's audio system.
The Volkswagen's guitars that are to be given away are custom made to match the car itself. The guitars come in the same color and has the car's Vehicle Identification Number displayed on it. That is in addition to the various Volkswagen emblems.
The automaker's marketing campaign featured rocker Slash and sort-of rocker John Mayer.

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